Accounting is a discipline concerned with capturing, recording, analysing and forecasting of business and financial data to generate information on economic activity of an organization. For example information on: income and expenditure, financial status and cash flows.
Types of accounting services provided.

i. Financial Accounting
This involves outsourcing our professional services with a view to focusing on your key business activities. Our services involves handling the financial accounting function including book keeping, payroll processing, budgeting, providing timely management information and filing of statutory returns. Our philosophy is to work with the client's management to ensure that our services meet their needs.

ii. Cost Accounting
Is the application of accounting and costing skills, in the ascertainment of costs of products and services. It helps companies in determining, monitoring and controlling costs from which products prices are determined and compared to competition.

iii. Development of accounting systems
This involves setting up of financial accounting systems in organizations. It includes designing of ledgers or charts of accounts and setting up of financial data bases, working capital and reporting systems both electronic and manual depending on the requirements of an organization.
Some benefits of accounting:
  • Establishes business and financial data-base in organizations.
  • Measures economic performances (revenues and expenses) of organizations.
  • Provides business and financial information necessary for costing, decision making, forecasting, planning and controls.
  • Provides data necessary for tax planning and management.
  • Determines economic values of organizations.